Kitchen Remodeling

The removal of walls to allow open spaces for larger kitchens and gathering areas is very popular and is a frequently requested project, but we will take on projects as minor as swapping out appliances and counters tops to moving the kitchen to the other side of the house in a new addition. We like to incorporate the customers ideas along with ideas of designers and suppliers to optimize the kitchen lay out.

Kitchen cabinets are designed with the homeowners need for convenience in mind. Smart cabinet design with clever storage in mind can transform your kitchen into a space that really works for you. When every inch of space is being effectively utilized the kitchen counter clutter will become a thing of the past. A current trend in kitchen design is incorporating some type of wine storage whether it is an under the counter temperature controlled unit or an actual wine storage closet. Another popular trend is to think green and more people than ever are thinking green. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury and the look of a designer kitchen because there are now many options in products and appliances that are both affordable and eco friendly.